Solar Plexus Meditation – Thank You!

Grateful HeartA big thank you to everyone who came out this past Saturday for our free Solar Plexus guided meditation and reiki healing circle! We had quite a good crowd come out despite the earlier rain. It was great to see so many new faces as well! We definitely met some very vibrant people for this circle, and I am so excited to see everyone again next month. Follow us on Facebook and RSVP to our next event, which will be on September 3rd at the same location in downtown Orlando.

Elizabeth really did an amazing job with this month’s crystal grid too! She worked with citrine, clear quartz, yellow calcite, tigers eye, amber, pyrite, and a giant smoky quartz generator for the center. The touches of yellow rhinestones and blossoms of button mums really made it radiate beautifully. The energy was rooted but shining and revitalizing. Perfect for strengthening our solar plexus chakras!Crystal Grid
During our meditation together, we worked on balancing so that we could feel in control over our emotions and build our personal power and confidence. When your solar plexus is open and flowing properly your ego mind will have no unwanted influence over your actions. You will know without a doubt, and accept your place in the Universe, have self-love and, in turn, have a great appreciation for all the people in your life and the uniqueness that they bring to the world. When in tune, your Solar-plexus will radiate warmth and joy through-out your entire being, and to others who come into contact with you.

We also focused on the following affirmations in order to manifest changes in our lives. Solar Plexus Reminder Image

“I am a worthwhile person…I deserve to be happy…I am a human being with flaws, and it is okay to have flaws…I am unique, and I appreciate my uniqueness…I am perfectly alright, just the way I am…I feel good about myself…It is okay to like myself…I am likable…I have many good qualities…I am a decent human being…I do some things wrong but many things right…I learn from my mistakes, and I forgive myself when I make them…I take time for myself… I need this time, and I deserve this time…I take care of others and I take care of myself…I accept help, support, and love from others…I am confident…I hold myself in high regard…I like myself…I am not perfect, and that is okay…I accept myself, just the way I am.”

If you would like a free copy of a personal meditation version of what we did together at the reiki circle, please feel free to download from our publicly shared folder here.

Elizabeth and I could not be any more pleased with such a successful group meditation, and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing reiki energy with everyone present! Next month we will get a two for one, focusing on sending loving energy to boost and balance both our heart chakras and our throat chakras. Be sure to join us for this night of self-care, love, compassion, and expression. See you there!

Peace, Love, and Tranquility!



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