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Full Moon Energy

Linda's Full MoonToday has me buzzing with energy, are you feeling it too? I think many are, because as I was doing my usual morning meditative ritual (aka sipping coffee and scrolling through Facebook trying to wake up) I saw many of my friends posting photos of the moon rise from last night. Linda’s photo to the left is from North Florida, while Mychelle’s on the right is from Central Florida. It really was beautiful wasn’t it? The full moon fully peaked this morning at 5:27am EST and it seems “full” to the naked eye for roughly 18 hours before, and 18 hours after that peak. So last night it was certainly noticeable but tonight it will be large and in charge! Elizabeth and I will be joining some new acquaintances for a full moon fire and I can’t wait 🙂

So what do I mean by “buzzing with energy” and what does that have to do with the full moon?

Mychelle's Full MoonIt’s a good question, and one I turn to two sources to answer. The average adult body is made up of roughly 60% water, and the moon’s primary influence on Earth is the way it interacts with our bodies of water. The moon pulls the ocean to cause tides, and this ebb and flow is believed by many to be especially important to our evolution. So if the moon pulls on the ocean causing it to rise and fall, doesn’t it make sense that it also has some pull on the water within our bodies? Many mysteries have been connected with the moon throughout the history of civilization, such as women’s menstrual cycles and our emotional thoughts, and though much has been explained better by modern science we still sense within us a lot of what those more primitive people felt. And so, it is no wonder that we find ourselves researching both the past and present in order to find the answers for which our souls are searching.

emotowaterIf you haven’t begun looking into quantum physics yet, then I highly suggest you do! It is here that I believe a bridge exists between modern science and the ancient spiritual world that exists within us and connects us with everything in the universe. Masaru Emoto’s experiment proposes a quantum theory that demonstrates how easily influenced water is, and not just from the moon’s tides. Take a look at these crystals that have been exposed to various energies through spoken words, and remember again that our bodies are 60% water. What could your thoughts be doing to you? What does that suggest about stress?

So we, as bodies of water guided by spiritual life-force, are easily influenced by subtle energies coming from within and without. I have met a wide variety of people throughout my personal journey; some are very sensitive to these influences and sense them immediately, some feel it but explain it away as something else, and some try very hard to feel it and just can’t. We are all different and are all on our own paths. So for those of us feeling it and wanting to put the moon’s energy to good use, what can we do?

Well… lot’s of stuff!

fire_moonThe element associated with emotions is water, and the full moon affects water, correct? Therefore it should come as no surprise to you that full moons are excellent times for emotional release and cleansing. Personally, my favorite thing to do on full moon nights is an invigorating kind of meditation. Something that allows me to let go and relax, which helps with stress and emotional issues, while engaging in the renewing energy of the moon. A perfect example of this is playing in a drum circle or attending a fire ceremony. Meditation of any sort is beneficial during full moons, and so even if you prefer to do something less physically active, taking time to sit outside under the moon will still help. If you are already familiar with energy work, then the full moon is a great time to cleanse your crystals, make moon water, take a ritual bath, or any other activity you can think of that helps you to release stress and negativity.

Take this opportunity to cleanse yourself mind, body, and soul and I wish you an abundance of bright full moon blessings!

Peace, Love, and Tranquility!


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