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New Friends & New Opportunities

What an amazing weekend! Were you able to put the energy of the full moon to good use?
I know we did, and I couldn’t be happier!

As The Mystic Mama  so beautifully illustrated, this particular full moon radiated energy with a sense of feminine inclusion… a notion of oneness and working together to build each other up, so that we all may move closer to our goals. Did you experience this too? Here’s how it manifested for us at Tranquil Synergy, and I’m so excited about what this means for our followers and future events!

14060301_10105231662717821_1732898542_oOn Thursday night, the official date of the full moon, Elizabeth and I attended a fire ceremony hosted by a wonderfully empowering lady by the name of Jacquelyn Gioertz. We had the pleasure of meeting her at the Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Daytona Beach and had been looking forward to attending one of her monthly ceremonies. The timing was finally right and we made it out to Deland! We were an eclectic group of men and women, all ages, and all different walks of life, comfortably sitting around a subdued fire. It’s nearly 100 degrees most days here in Central Florida, and so the fire was kept low so we didn’t melt! Jacquelyn led us in a very satisfying exercise in visualization, to release what no longer served us, and in some energy work to manifest the things we wanted. It was simple, but very meaningful! I am always amazed at how light I feel after a good energy work session. It reminds me that I am definitely in the right profession! There is nothing better than getting centered, removing blocks, and moving forward with what we want in life.

The Center of WellnessThen, on Saturday, we attended an open house at the new Sanford home for The Center of Wellness. It is a beautiful holistic practice located right in the heart of the historic district of downtown Sanford. The building itself is 110 years old and they did an awesome renovation job to keep the original flooring and even saved some of the one of a kind converted gas lamps. Jennifer and Brian have created a wonderfully serene place with very uplifting yet peaceful energy throughout. We had a fantastic time meeting the practitioners, other energy workers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and artists. There was also quite an array of gemstones and crystals in both raw form and tumbled, and jewelry of every kind. I was pleased to become the new owner of a darling butterfly necklace carved from sodalite. I am wearing it now near my throat chakra, perfect 🙂 We finished up the visit at the open house by booking some classroom time in October to host a public guided meditation and reiki circle! So be sure to keep your eye out for that! We simply cannot wait to work with Jennifer and others at the Center, and to bring the gift of tranquility to our friends and clients north of Orlando.

Self CareThe most exciting part of the weekend was networking with some amazing and empowered professional women. The cooperative energy of the moon in Aquarius certainly facilitated building relationships and it was great to be around other like minded people who all want to work together for the betterment of our community. So I encourage everyone to check out our group reiki circles to balance your energy, visit the Center of Wellness for classes and holistic treatments, and check out Jacqueline’s fire ceremonies!
When you take time for self-care, you become a more authentic you. Live your truth!

Peace, Love, and Tranquility!



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