Feb 8th, 2016 – New Moon Meditation & Reiki CircleReiki Circle Fire 2.8.2016

“At first I thought the chilly weather would hinder everything, but the great fire was more than enough warming and made it very comfortable. An enlightening New Moon Meditation went through the color energies of our chakras; followed by a wonderful reiki healing session. I chose the hands-on reiki option and still feel the calming benefits from it. A plus was the folder with all the valuable Reiki info and chakra points/color chart we received. Thank you so much Amber & Elizabeth. Can’t wait until the next session!!!”

Garden Party Circle Inside 2April 9th, 2016 – Spring Garden Party and Root Chakra Meditation & Reiki Circle

“Amber and Elizabeth gave us an enchanting time together at this Garden Party. Couldn’t have asked for better weather! The circle was hopping with the 30+ people who came. The beautiful decorations, discussions, lessons, healing Reiki treatments, tremendous raffle, and delicious feast made for a day of pure delight.”

Garden Party Beverages“Thank you to Elizabeth and Amber for so generously sharing your healing skills with us (I still feel great!), for educating us all about Reiki, and for all of the great door prizes!”

Garden Party Inside Tent“I really enjoyed the meditation and the raffle gifts I won.”

“Thank you, Amber and Elizabeth. It was really fun! Great energy!”


May 27th, 2016 – Sacral Chakra Meditation & Reiki CircleGarden Party Crystal Grid 

“These monthly sessions have improved my life like you wouldn’t believe. Tonight’s meditation focused on the sacral chakra and it amazed me that my love life future and past were connected with John, me, and someone I met recently. During the hands on Reiki session all of my chakras activated and received an astonishing boost. The persistent breeze added mystery to the whole encounter. Afterwards, during the sharing of experiences, Amber and Elizabeth mentioned that the presence of spirit guides were obvious. Hence the breeze may be telling us something 🙂 ”

“An amazing experience of transcendence! Thanks so much to Amber and Elizabeth, I can’t say enough about these reiki/ meditation circles.”

Crystal GridAugust 13th, 2016 – Solar Plexus Meditation & Reiki Circle

“This was a fantastic Reiki Healing Circle tonight! Thank you so very much for giving us so much education and hands on Reiki healing 🙂 All of the tremendous energy from the fifteen of us present added even more to the circle.”

“Tonight’s meditation and reiki healing circle was the best yet! What an amazing and empowering experience! Thank you Elizabeth Jackson and Amber Björkman for an extraordinary service, I can’t say enough about these two light-workers!”